In Namit Patel’s own words, he provides a testimony on how he transformed his life and progressed in his health and fitness journey with the support of KMAK Fitness.

They called me fat, and they will never call me fat again in my life. I was called fat, chunky, and overweight, and that didn’t settle well with me. I kept note of that and did something to change my life. I took control of my diet and health and transformed myself. I went from 210 pounds to 175 when I started KMAK and chipped down to 135 lbs of lean mean shred. Being called overweight when you really know you’re overweight is a shitty feeling. I needed to take control of my life.

I love socialising, partying, and hanging out with friends, but I didn’t stop those things as I changed my body and did my transformation. I learned to manage those things and incorporate my new knowledge about fitness into my personal life. I always wanted to get shredded once in my life. I never got fully motivated to do it. Whether I made excuses on time or felt tired because we were partying too late. Uninspired, overweight pharmacist is where I came from.

Now I haven’t missed a day on steps, workouts, and water. The whole deal. I’m a father of two beautiful young kids. A husband to the best wife in the world. A busy son to the greatest two parents in the world who have given me everything in life and sacrificed so much. I’m also an extremely busy pharmacist with a busy work schedule. I’m also an extremely social person, with a vast network of friends that keep most of my weekends busy. But none of this stopped me from crushing my goals and getting to this point in my transformation. From a physical and mental spot, I am in the best shape of my life.

When I first sat down with you guys, I really doubted the vision. There was no way I was going to drop that much weight. There is no way I can get there. But I stuck with it. I trusted the process, and it paid off. The vision of KMAK’s process worked. I trusted the diet. The workouts. The steps. I honestly didn’t want a photoshoot or case study when I started because I’m not one to brag. But after I got to my end, I wanted to save this moment for myself and have these things as a lifelong accomplishment for how hard we worked towards this goal.

I wanted to tell the world my story that I came from an overweight party desi guy to this ripped physique. I worked my ass off every single day to get here. There are no shortcuts. There are no supplements to chisel the 6-pack or lose the fat. We grinded. We sweated. We chipped away every damn day, and we made it. I woke up at 5am and even 4am to go to the gym before a busy day at work. I made sure to get those workouts in even during a 16 hour work and gym day. I changed how I took my lunch breaks since I joined KMAK in May 2022. I would eat my lunch within 10 minutes and start walking for the remaining 50 minutes, utilising every minute of my day to achieve my goals.

I was even walking outside in sub-freezing temperatures with hats and gloves on at work. My hands were literally freezing. Basically, I started this motto and mantra of 10k before 10 a.m. I get to the gym no matter what my schedule has. Even before Niya’s dance and Dev’s basketball, I have two different times I get to work, depending on my day. On my early days, I wake up at 4am and get to work an hour early so I can make laps in my pharmacy. I usually get in 2-3 miles on my early days before I even start work. Every single trip we have taken, I have made sure to get my steps in and my workouts. When we travel, we used to take the train to our gates at the airport. The 10 or more times we travelled, I walked all the way down to my gates. These are just small examples of the habits I’ve created and the unseen things I do.

Kobe Bryant is my all-time favourite athlete and motivator of all time. That’s how I approached this transformation. I had a relentless mamba mentality throughout this journey. No quitting in me. I never took the foot off the gas. When you guys asked for 12k steps, I dropped 15 and even 20k steps towards the end of the weight loss phase on him. I was relentless, motivated, and driven to have a goal in mind. You guys even had to slow me down at times because I jokingly told him “sickness is a state of mind” one time when I was sick for a week. I was still gutted into the gym, and my coach had to tell me to relax and rest. I got the dog in me, and once I put my mind and will to something, I am 100% going to get it done and succeed.

Get those steps out early. Gutting those steps out. I was determined to succeed. Yes, for so many days, I wanted to scoff down the food and carbs. I wanted to cheat, but we had the ultimate goal in mind. We made sure to keep the finish line in mind and kept rolling. I wanted to show every low-esteem, overweight, out-of-shape individual that you can do it too. Do not let anyone or anything stop you from achieving what you want. Work hard and stay dedicated to a goal, and anything is possible. That’s what I wanted to share with the world. That’s my transformation.

I am grateful for everything I learned and gained. These are lessons and a transformation I will carry for life. I am forever grateful to my support system, especially my wife, Divya. I couldn’t have done this without her. I might be the actor in the movie, but she’s for sure the director. She spent hours and hours in the kitchen prepping meals for me. Boiling those damn eggs. Making those omelettes. Grinding those smoothies. Baking those asparagus. But most importantly, never doubt me or tell me to quit. She kept me going and motivated me to finish the transformation.

There were times I wanted to throw my hands up, stop, and give up, but she helped push me through. She knew how important it was for me to reach this goal. She supported and helped me every step of the way. She is the greatest, and I couldn’t have done this without her.


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