Our mission is to not only help people transform physically, but transform mentally too.


Kunal Makwana, embodies a multifaceted passion for pizza, psychology, football, and fitness training. These interests only fuel his innovative approach to business further, blending personal enjoyment with professional expertise to drive success. Having built KMAK Fitness from the ground up, even as the team expands, to this day he continues to lead from the front and inspire all those around him, both clients and coaches, to bring out their best selves!


George Pearce is a body transformation coach based in London with a track record of helping busy professionals in the simplest and most realistic way possible. His passion for getting results has been a strong contributor to his rapid growth in both his personal and professional career. George has been coaching for over 10+ and having worked with over 500 people so far in his career, he brings a wealth of experience to the team!


Michael Olim, a coach of Portuguese descent and an avid Arsenal fan, holds a degree in sports science. Leveraging his cultural background and expertise, he tailors fitness strategies for clients, reflecting his diverse heritage and commitment to their success. Having undergone his own transformation and shedding 100lbs+ he is well equipped to support you in achieving your goals!


Seeta Osborn, our in-house “Dessert Queen,” excels in both sweet creations and coaching, proving that you can have your cake and eat it (with moderation!). Seeta’s coaching empowers a balanced lifestyle, merging indulgence with wellness goals. Whether it’s inside or outside of the gym, one thing is for certain with Seeta, Bollywood music is always playing!


Dolunay Bosnak is a body transformation coach based in London with a master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning. Dol specializes in helping busy professionals transform mentally to achieve life-changing results physically with sustainability and flexibility being the key focus!


Archana Bhandari, renowned for her culinary skills and mastery of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, infuses her coaching with discipline drawn from her martial arts passion. This discipline enables her to guide others with focus and determination, fostering not only physical fitness but also mental resilience and goal achievement.


Vicky Gawel is our in-house rehabilitation specialist who has a deep love for her French Bulldog. As a coach, she infuses her passion into every session, offering personalized guidance and unwavering support to her clients. With a friendly and approachable demeanor, she creates a welcoming environment where individuals can thrive and achieve their fitness goals.


Paran Virdee is an online body transformation coach who has always had an interest in sports and enjoys living an active lifestyle. Having been through his own transformation journey and turning his own health around both physically and mentally, he wanted to spread the positive benefits a transformation can give to others. He is driven by the fulfillment of unlocking a person’s potential and seeing the impact exercise and good nutrition has on their quality of life.


Sejal Patel – a powerhouse British body transformation coach who’s recently set her roots in Tampa, Florida! She had already undergone her own transformation a few years back with the goal of being “fit by 40”. Through her journey, Sejal realized that transformation not only impacts her, but also has huge positive effects on her kids. They became her biggest motivation, driving her to strive for the best shape of her life and to equip herself with knowledge about nutrition and fitness for her later years. Passionate about helping others gain confidence and feel at home in the gym, she also loves traveling, always on the lookout for her next destination, and indulges in cooking and dining out. Balancing fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and her love for food has always been a top priority for her.


Max Keen, holding a master’s degree in sport and health sciences, a professional qualification in strength and conditioning, and a a history of working with elite age group athletes he has devoted his time to diving deep into human performance sciences and the application thereof. He utilises his expertise of strength and conditioning, sports science, and performance psychology to create better outcomes for clients ensuring they achieve their health and fitness goals, providing structured and individualised coaching.


With a first-class BSc in Sports and Exercise Science from Newcastle University, and 8 years of gym experience Sam brings a strong foundation of scientific knowledge and practical application as a coach. Always striving to learn new things about exercise science and a particular interest in Biomechanics. Beyond fitness, Sam is an avid sports enthusiast, particularly rugby, Formula 1, and soccer where his loyalties lie with Chelsea FC.


Maria, a skilled personal trainer and online coach, underwent her own transformative journey and now dedicates herself to empowering others to achieve similar success. With seven years of experience in the fitness industry, she utilizes scientifically backed approaches to guide clients toward their goals. Passionate about facilitating life-changing transformations, Maria offers personalized training programs and unwavering support to help clients unlock their full potential.


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