Our mission is to not only help people transform physically, but transform mentally too.

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Saj is a body transformation coach with a deep-rooted passion for helping everyday people achieve their goals. He believes that a physical transformation is a gateway for people to excel in all areas of their life. With over 10+ years of training experience, during which he took himself through several fat loss and muscle building phases he is well aware of both the challenges and rewards that can be generated by investing your time, efforts and energy in yourself in order to bring about positive lifelong changes.


George is a body transformation coach based in London with a track record of helping busy professionals in the simplest and most realistic way possible. His passion for getting results has been a strong contributor to his rapid growth in both his personal and professional career. George has been coaching for over 10+ and having worked for over 100 people so far in his career, George brings a wealth of experience to the team.


Kunal has always been passionate about health and fitness with his interests starting at a young age with his love of sport, leading onto his studying sports psychology at university and gaining a keen interest in training and nutrition. Since working in the fitness industry, Kunal has helped transform the lives of hundreds of men and women, working with over 400 people so far in his career as a transformation coach.


Seeta is a body transformation coach based in Essex/London with a track record of transforming peoples’ bodies and minds.
Her ever-growing passion for empowering other people around her to be the best version of themselves and being invested in her clients’ journeys has been a huge factor in getting lifelong results. Having been through a fat loss journey herself, she understands how becoming healthy and strong will help you accept your body in ways that you never thought were possible!


Michael is a body transformation coach of Portuguese descent but was born and raised in Jersey.

He has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and is incredibly passionate about fitness and sports, particularly football and F1. He has a deep interest in helping people transform their lives and achieve their goals. He loves nutrition and food, and really enjoys cooking so he can surely be your great ally in making positive dietary changes for better health!


Archana is the proud mother of two adorable children. She is a qualified personal trainer who also holds a precision nutrition level 1 certification and has experience in behavioral change.

In addition to her ability to transform individuals, Archana is passionate about being a part of their transformation journey by emphasizing the importance of nutrition science and behavioral change.

She is a full-time mom and a fitness enthusiast, but she also has a passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which helps her develop her character, strength, and discipline.


Dol has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education & Sport and an MSc in Strength & Conditioning (postgraduate achieved).

He really enjoys going to the gym doing weight training and he decided he wanted to be on the other end, training and helping others improve their lives! He has been a full-time personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach for a while now and has gone through a transformation himself.

He recently started doing more weighted calisthenics and would like to enter a competition one day! And yes, he loves football too!


Paran brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him join us. He’s always been into playing sports and being active but never felt or looked the way he wanted. He went through his own transformation journey in 2019 and through this educational process turned his health around, both physically and mentally.

Having fallen in love with training, he wanted to spread the benefits that good exercise and nutrition can give you and so qualified as a Personal Trainer. He worked in a gym before transitioning to an Online Coach in order to impact as many lives as he can.


Vicki holds a first-class degree in BSc Sport and Exercise Science! She specializes in pre and postnatal fitness, as well as joint pain rehabilitation. With a track record of working with diverse clients, her primary focus is on helping individuals make lasting changes to their daily habits, create a healthier lifestyle for the long term, and ensure they reach their objectives in the right way.


Georgy holds a range of qualifications, including L2 fitness instructor, and L3 personal trainer, and she’s also a qualified nutritionist! She is well-equipped to provide you with comprehensive fitness and nutrition guidance. With a background in Psychology, she understands the vital role the mind plays in any transformation. Having personally navigated numerous fat loss and muscle-building phases, Georgy understands the dedication and importance of each stage in a fitness journey.


Sejal – a powerhouse British body transformation coach who’s recently set her roots in Tampa, Florida! Sejal is not just adapting to the US lifestyle but is also jet-setting between Tampa and her beloved London.
She underwent her own incredible body transformation a few years back, proving that busy working mums can absolutely rock their fitness journey. As a family, they thrive on adventure and love exploring new places. Whether it’s creating culinary wonders at home (most days!) or indulging in the delights of dining out, Sejal knows how to strike the perfect balance. 
Sejal is eager to share her expertise and help you achieve that ideal balance between a healthy, active life and the joys of everyday living.


Max holds a BSc (Hons) in Exercise and Sports Science and an MSc in Sport and Health Sciences, demonstrating a commitment to understanding the broader aspects of sports and well-being.
With a background in strength and conditioning performance environments, Max has worked closely with student-athletes at Exeter University, helping them reach their peak physical condition. Currently, he’s making a mark on the field during an internship with England Rugby, contributing to the performance excellence of elite athletes.
With a particular love for rugby, he has not only played at age group at the international level but is also actively competing in the national leagues.


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