Amit’s Inner Strength at 40

In January 2023, Amit celebrated his 40th birthday. At this point in his life, things were heading in a very important direction. Amit was very aware that he wasn’t living up to his full potential because he had a demanding job, was a dad to two young children, and didn’t put much effort into changing his unhealthy lifestyle.

The look of weariness on his face showed how tired he was inside. He wanted to get his health back, build a better body, and, most importantly, keep up with his kids’ endless energy. It was at this important turning point in his life that he decided to change. This was the start of Amit’s plan to face his midlife crisis head-on.

From Doubt to Triumph: The Power of Choice

This change didn’t come from a sudden realisation or a sudden surge of motivation. Instead, it came from his wife Puja, who knew him best. Puja invited Amit to do something that would change the course of their lives. They are now partners in health as well as in life. It was an introductory call with KMAK Fitness, and Amit wasn’t sure at first if he should accept. He had no idea that this seemingly normal choice would be the start of a deep and life-changing journey.

Amit had been going to Orange Theory sessions five times a week before he started to really get into KMAK Fitness. Even though he was fully committed, the results were not what he had hoped for. Amit started out sceptical, but as he started this new journey with KMAK Fitness, he slowly changed his mind and became excited.

Going Beyond the Scales

It’s interesting that Amit’s transformation would take less time than his previous routine. As it developed, the KMAK Fitness programme turned out to be a complete work of art that effectively combined exercise and nutrition. He had a new way of thinking about fitness after that paradigm shift. It wasn’t just about losing weight; the programme was a whole approach to health that promised to make him stronger and more energetic.

Amit and Puja decided to get a full health checkup before starting the structured routine. They wanted to know more about how fitness affected their bodies than just the simple metrics. However, their attempts to obtain these tests through their primary care provider were met with resistance. They were sceptical of the traditional health care system, which made them even more drawn to KMAK Fitness.

Amit and Puja’s Path to Better Health

The time Amit spent at KMAK was nothing short of life-changing. As the weeks went by, he went through a transformation that went beyond the changes in his physical appearance. By August 2023, only eight months into the programme, Amit had lost an amazing 30 pounds, showing off a six-pack that had been hidden by years of frustration. However, the most significant transformation occurred in the intangible aspects: his energy levels skyrocketed, and he experienced a profound sense of well-being.


It wasn’t just a change in how he looked; it was a complete change from the inside out. After Amit worked out at KMAK Fitness, he got a blood test that showed how much better his health was. Testosterone levels had risen to energising heights after being low for a while. His wife Puja’s LDL cholesterol, which had been a stubborn enemy for more than 20 years, went back to normal levels, the lowest in 25 years. The numerical improvements on the tests showed that KMAK Fitness had changed Amit’s and Puja’s life in a more complete way.

Transforming Fitness into Opportunity

With the strength they gained from their journey, Amit and Puja planned and started a new business called HealthPR. They got the idea for this project from how hard it was for them to keep track of their health metrics during their fitness journey. HealthPR wanted to make health monitoring more accessible to everyone by making fitness biomarker testing easy and available at home. Their goal was to give people more control over their fitness journeys by letting them closely track and understand the complex effects of their efforts. By working together with KMAK Fitness, the business also gives KMAK members special access and a discount.

As Amit thinks back on this important time in his life, he realises that his journey with KMAK Fitness wasn’t just a way to lose weight; it was a journey to find himself, get healthy, and gain confidence again. What made this adventure even more interesting and inspiring was that he went on it with his wife. When Amit thinks about that important choice to join KMAK Fitness, he is filled with gratitude. He became healthier, happier, and more confident through what wasn’t just a fitness programme. It was a life-changing journey. It was the start of a new business that aims to change the way people think about their health and well-being.


The story of Amit’s transformation is more than just a story about changing appearances. It’s also a story about strength, determination, and the endless possibilities that can happen when someone sets out to become a better person.



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