Throughout my life, the struggle with excess weight has been a constant source of discontent. Every New Year’s resolution echoed a desire to shed pounds and embrace a healthier lifestyle, but the difficult goal remained unattainable. Fast forward to 2022, five months postpartum with my second child.

My first baby had arrived just as the world plunged into a pandemic, and my response was indulging in comfort foods—resulting in gaining the dreaded “COVID-19” weight. This unintentional weight gain lingered through my second pregnancy, making postpartum weight loss an even more daunting challenge.

Having experienced the shortcomings of extreme low-carb diets and draining F45 high-intensity classes, I found these approaches unsustainable. Energy depleted, I always burned out after each class, and I returned to square one feeling defeated. It was a pivotal moment of realisation that prompted me to seek help. Recognising the need for a more sustainable and supportive approach, I reached out to Kunal for guidance.

When I enrolled in KMAK, I was terrified. Was I setting myself up for another failure? I had a track record of abandoning endeavours when the going got tough. Moreover, juggling the demands of this programme with two little toddlers at home seemed like an impossible feat. It was a moment of truth—time to stop making excuses and prioritise myself. The decision was made: August 1, 2022, marked the beginning of my KMAK journey. This time, I was determined. I prepped meals for the entire week, took my first progress photo, and tackled my first workout.

Entering the gym on that first day, I felt like all eyes were on me. I stuck out like a sore thumb, clueless and uncomfortable. Yet, as reality set in, I realised no one was scrutinising me; my self-consciousness was unfounded. I fought the urge to quit, making a promise to myself: no more excuses, Anjali. By committing to the workouts, guided by my coach, I gradually found my comfort zone. The gym transformed from a dreaded obligation to the highlight of my day. Hitting personal records and accomplishing feats like a proper push-up or holding a plank for over 20 seconds became sources of pride.

Within four months, I neared my initial goal of shedding 25 pounds— a feat that filled me with pride. Meeting with Seeta to discuss next steps, I felt an unfamiliar determination not to quit. The momentum was real, and I wasn’t finished. This wasn’t the end; it was just the beginning. I found my rhythm and sensed that significant transformations were on the horizon.

I revisited my “why.” Initially centred around shedding post-pregnancy weight and regaining body confidence, I soon realised this journey offered profound lessons. While my initial motivation remained, it expanded. I began noticing the impact of my habits on my children, and this revelation became an integral part of my “why.”

Witnessing their growing interest in participating in healthy activities like evening walks or bike rides and assisting with weekly meal prep underscored the positive influence my actions were having on them. It dawned on me that they observe our every move, and my choices were shaping them in an incredibly positive way. That meant the world to me.

This affirmation solidified that the journey and commitment were worthwhile, transcending the challenges. It transformed into a lifestyle change benefiting our entire family, and as a parent, knowing we set a positive example is immensely gratifying. It assures me that prioritising physical and mental well-being is ingrained in their upbringing, fostering a norm for their future.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the invaluable lessons this programme has taught me, transcending my initial expectations. At its core, I gained discipline, healthy eating habits, and a profound sense of self-love.

Reflecting back on my journey puts a really big smile on my face because there are so many milestones that I have achieved, and some of the biggest ones have absolutely nothing to do with the number on the scale or my new jean size. One of my biggest accomplishments was discovering the gym as therapy. Five months postpartum, neither my mind nor body felt particularly happy or healthy, and traditional therapy wasn’t the solution for me.

The key is finding what works for you, what brings joy and improvement. I’ve genuinely found my answer. I prioritise blocking out the noise from home and work, dedicating that one hour solely to myself. It’s not selfish; it’s self-care. Some days involve tears, others laughter, and occasionally just lying on a yoga mat staring at the ceiling. This time allows me to connect with my thoughts, focus on my strength, and return home reset—a better mom and wife.

Establishing a routine with your partner is crucial. I’m fortunate to have an understanding and amazing husband who seamlessly managed things at home when I went to the gym, even at 5 a.m. His unwavering support, handling late-night wake-ups without questions, made a world of difference. A strong support system is invaluable, and I’m forever grateful for the most supportive and loving partner. I love you!

Another non-scale triumph I accomplished was becoming a role model for my children. Being admired not just as a parent but as a strong, resilient, and confident figure makes every effort worthwhile.

Now for some fun milestones:

  1. The first proper push-up was achieved.
  2. Able to hold a plank for more than 20 seconds
  3. Started loving many exercises that I previously dreaded, including Bulgarian split squats, RDLs, leg presses, and lat pulldowns.
  4. Joined the 5 a.m. workout club.
  5. Have more energy to get through the day and to give to my kids.

Overcoming one of my major hurdles involved breaking free from the habit of comparing my journey to others. This tendency hindered my confidence and occupied a significant portion of my mental space. Upon joining the programme, I often came across case studies and images, thinking, “I’ll never achieve that.” Throughout my path, I would pause, comparing my progress to others, doubting myself in comparison. Instead of acknowledging my accomplishments, I fixated on how others appeared. It wasn’t until I consciously blocked out those comparisons, zeroed in on my ultimate goal, and embraced my journey that I truly celebrated my victories and focused on my motivations.

Throughout my fitness journey, a key lesson I’ve embraced is the power of simplicity. Unlike the exhaustive, sweat-drenched exits from the gym, my strength training sessions now leave me feeling fulfilled and stronger. I’ve discovered the significance of diversifying my focus. Although I remain dedicated to my non-negotiable weekly spin classes and occasional F45 sessions—activities I genuinely love and excel at—I’ve learned not to strip away the enjoyment, as it’s crucial for sustained commitment. While my primary focus is on strength training, I make sure to incorporate activities that genuinely bring me joy, realising that strength training itself has become a source of genuine enjoyment.

When Kunal initially asked about my coach preference, I insisted on a female, primarily to avoid showing progress pictures to a male. Little did I know that Seeta would surpass all expectations and literally change my life. She not only became my coach but a friend, and I felt like I knew her my entire life.

From the start, Seeta never doubted me, even during moments of self-doubt. I vividly recall our first conversation when she asked about my goals. I simply aimed to lose 25lbs, to which she smiled and confidently said, “Done. I will get you there.” Initially sceptical, I thought, “Easy for you to say.” Yet, Seeta had grander plans and a vision beyond my limited perspective. She believed in my potential, pushing me to achieve more than I ever imagined.

On challenging days, she uplifted me; on low-energy days, she encouraged rest and returned when ready. Her genuine care for me as both a client and a person resonates deeply. I am eternally thankful for everything Seeta has done for me.



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