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When you have struggled so many times to see results previously, the easy option is to accept that you cannot change and admit defeat. Despite having personal trainers in the past and regularly going to the gym, Jayesh didn’t give up on his physique goals. But he knew something was holding him back from achieving his end vision.

Having had a cardiac arrest at the age of 28 and having a defibrillator AICD fitted, taking control of his health is something Jayesh wanted to do, but after trying various different avenues to improve his health, he was mentally exhausted and didn’t know which direction he should take.

Even though he wanted to lose weight and went to the gym, being a business owner and having a very busy lifestyle has meant that Jayesh’s time is extremely limited, so he has always lacked consistency and discipline when it comes to health and fitness. Because he had never been able to take full control, he never did enough to make a difference, and therefore lacked results.

He knew that he wasn’t disciplined and couldn’t hold himself accountable, so rather than letting these behaviours control him, he decided to take control of them instead. Knowing he struggled to do it on his own, he took charge of his health and fitness and joined KMAK Fitness with clear goals in mind and the intention to improve his lifestyle, not just for himself, but for his family too.

What Was Holding Jayesh Back?
Despite having personal trainers before and working hard physically, the biggest challenge Jayesh faced was his huge love of food and drink. This was one major piece of the transformation puzzle that Jayesh was missing and, even though he was training and had professional help, training alone is not enough to achieve long-term physical results. You need to tick all the transformation boxes if you want to see a real change, and that means training, nutrition, consistency, discipline, and many other lifestyle factors that all contribute to both a healthy lifestyle and a successful body transformation. As a big food and drink lover, Jayesh struggled mainly with discipline. This is extremely common with foodies that love to indulge and do not know when the limit is. This is when the need to fulfil instant gratification and enjoyment outweigh the long-term goal.

That’s not to say going through the transformation process means you can no longer have enjoyment; it just means being aware of your limits, so you don’t have too much of a good thing and overindulge compromising your physique goals.

You can still enjoy all your favourite foods and still drink whilst being in the best physical shape of your life, as long as you have a good understanding moderation, self-control, having the right mindset, and knowing how to get back on track in case of a slip up (none of us are perfect and you can never be 100% all of the time!).

These are hard skills to come by and require a lot of time and practice to become habit, but Jayesh knew that these were the factors holding him back from achieving his goal and he knew that he needed to address them if he was to make his health and fitness a priority.

Jayesh Maru
The Art of Self-Discipline
Having tried changing his physique solo, Jayesh lacked accountability, so it was extremely easy to say yes to another drink or allow himself to have another helping. This needed to change if he was to ever see results. When having personal trainers in the past, Jayesh might have had a degree of accountability, but this didn’t teach him the art of self-discipline or instil positive habits and behaviours so that when the personal trainers were no longer present, he knew how to handle himself in social situations and when to say ‘no’ – not just to others, but to himself also. Since joining KMAK Fitness, Jayesh was not only held accountable to his coach about his training, but about all other aspects of his transformation journey too, especially his greatest challenge – his diet.

This holistic accountability tracking is often missing from gym-floor personal trainers, which usually only account for training. But the KMAK Fitness online check-in process takes everything into consideration so that every contributing factor of the transformation journey can be tracked and monitored to ensure that the client is always making progress.

This is why coach/client openness and honesty is so important to be able to identify issues and address them in order to make positive change.

This check-in time also provides a dedicated time for reflection, so that if Jayesh did deviate or experienced any particular struggles that week, they could be discussed, and solutions could be put into place to help him get back on track and know how to handle situations differently next time.

This is one way how Jayesh learned to develop new behaviours, by identifying old habits and triggers, challenging them, and ultimately changing them by putting new procedures in place and practicing them over and over again.

Being held accountable, especially when it comes to his food and drink intake, was a game-changer for Jayesh, who had once never had to account for anything he ate or drank which had an impact on his physique results. The self-reflection provided from his check-ins allowed him to identify problems and learn more about his own behaviours. This was a major turning point in his transformation progress.

If Jayesh lacked discipline, he lacked results – it was as simple as that. Having an accountability system in place forced him to be more self-aware and disciplined about his food and drink choices and portion control. By practicing this over time, these behaviours then became habit and took his transformation progress to the next level.

“The weekly check-ins helped me. Almost feel like I’m being watched so I have to behave. I should have done that from the very start, but I think this is a good way of doing it because then he’s making me accountable for my actions.”

Four Months Later
While KMAK Fitness provided Jayesh with guidance, accountability systems, and laid out the framework of how to achieve his goals, his transformation is the result of his hard work and determination to change. He was aware of the factors holding him back, and knew he needed to change these in order for transformation to happen. Working with KMAK gave Jayesh a greater focus and a lot more discipline by making sure he didn’t give in to his triggers and exceed his daily calories and make better decisions when it comes to food. After four months of hard work and putting a lot of new behaviours, habits, and structures into place, Jayesh made incredible progress, dropping 20kg and finally losing his beer belly. His physique looks completely different from when he first started. He has dropped his beer belly as he always wanted, shed a lot of excess body fat, altered his composition, packed on muscle, and added definition.

His physical transformation is the fruit of his labour. The real hard work (and the ultimate secret to Jayesh’s success) has been his mental transformation. By tackling the mental factors that were preventing him from seeing results and facing head on the elements that would always trip him up, Jayesh challenged his restricting behaviours and created new ones that allowed his transformation to flourish. As soon as these behavioural blockades were destroyed, Jayesh’s transformation very quickly began to take shape.

Even though Jayesh is in amazing shape right now, these behavioural changes are the factors that will transform Jayesh’s life because he has learned the art of discipline and changed his ways when it comes to food and drink, so he can still enjoy the things he loves, but knows not to overindulge and how to manage social situations.

Jayesh achieved so much more than just his physique goals, he has found a new lease of life. He feels a lot more focussed at work which helps him run his business far more efficiently, he is greater disciplined when it comes to training and food, and he feels energised all the time. These are all the amazing benefits that exceed the physical that come with being in the shape of your life.

Jayesh set out to be a good a role model to his kids, and the fact that he never gave up on his journey despite his busy lifestyle is a huge feat in itself. After exploring many different avenues, Jayesh managed to find direction and make time for his health and fitness, challenge his vices, found a solution, and smash his goals. He isn’t just a role model to his family, but to every other busy business owner and dad out there.


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