Taking the Leap

Just after celebrating my 40th birthday, I saw my friends Anuj and Nisha at a party, and my jaw dropped in total awe of the physical transformations they had made. They were exuding body confidence and had these killer physiques that I wanted for myself. The rest of the night, I was firing questions at them about their transformation. Whatever it was, I wanted it, and I was ready to make the change. A few weeks later, I had my consultation with Kunal and decided to take the leap and start my journey on July 4, 2022. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

My Background

I had been overweight my entire life. As the third and youngest child of Indian immigrants, my parents did the best they knew how. We ate plenty of healthy food but also had our fair share of sugary cereal and sweet treats. Despite engaging in activities such as tennis, Bollywood dance, gymnastics, and running, I was never really confident in my body and always felt self-conscious of my weight.

Through my twenties and thirties, I focused on cardio and group fitness and even completed a triathlon. I got in relatively good shape for my wedding, but thereafter, for the next decade, I spent growing my family with my husband—being pregnant three times, breastfeeding/pumping, and trying to lose the weight I had gained during each pregnancy. I spent the last half of my 3rd pregnancy on bedrest due to a complicated twin pregnancy, topping the scales at over 200 pounds for my small 5’1” frame. Finally, when I turned 40, I felt like I could focus more on my health since the kids had passed the infant phase and were sleeping better at night. But I just couldn’t figure out what to do to lose the weight and feel better in my body. I tried intermittent fasting and ended up gaining more weight. Part of me felt like I would just follow in my parents’ footsteps and be overweight for the rest of my life. But some small part of me knew that it was possible to be in the best shape and feel confident, and I just needed some guidance.

After talking to a few friends who were doing KMAK, I decided it could be the right fit for what I needed. When I was matched with coach Archana, I was thrilled to have a fellow Indian mom who understood all the complexities that I was going through.

My Transformation Journey

I started following the plan Archana laid out and tried to be as consistent as possible, hitting all the basics every day. As the months passed, I saw progress and was further motivated to keep going. I made sure to do my check-in every week, took my progress pictures and measurements, and filled in all my data so I could see the weekly trends. Sharing with her the challenges I was facing every week allowed her to help me find solutions and keep moving forward.

Little by little, my cravings for sweets subsided as I ate the right amount of protein and fat for my needs. Getting in 10,000 steps allowed me time in nature and got me out of my head, and improved my mood and outlook. Strength training in the gym was a total game-changer. I had never felt so strong before in my life, and I absolutely loved the feeling it gave me. I challenged myself to do one more rep, add 2.5-pound baby plates, and continue to improve my form with Archana’s feedback every week. Having Archana’s help online propelled me to learn my way around in the gym and gain confidence in strength training.

It wasn’t always (and still isn’t) easy, as I have a sweet tooth, and it didn’t take much to get off track at times eating sweets several days in a row. But over time, I learned how to accommodate a sweet treat and balance it with the rest of what I was eating that day. I learned how to eat out and not feel like I had fallen off the wagon completely. I learned how to navigate vacations and never feel deprived.

For the first time ever, I was seeing muscle definition. I was feeling strong and sexy. I was no longer chasing skinny – I was chasing strong. I joked with Archana that I could see myself being an 80-year-old lady still lifting weights in the gym because it had become my identity – I’m a person who strength trains and is strong as hell. In fact, I can easily out leg-press my husband!

Mental and Physical Transformation

I realised that my physical transformation from Mansi 1.0 to Mansi 2.0 had also led to a mental transformation: I was more confident in myself, I knew what I was capable of, and I was more solution-oriented instead of being stuck in my problems. I realised that I was so worth it, and each and every day I was just trying to be a better version of myself.

Strong Mama

This transformation also affected my family. As I was eating broccoli or green beans along with dinner every night, my kids would slowly start picking off my plate. We all started to talk more about how momma was getting stronger by eating her vegetables. My kids would take my weekly progress pictures and see me come home from the gym at 6 a.m. They were picking up on my daily habits—joining me on a walk, trying my edamame noodles, or holding up their bicep alongside mine to see how strong they’d gotten. Role modelling these healthy habits and this lifestyle for my four kids continues to be my greatest motivation to keep going.

Photo Shoot

I was intrigued by the idea of doing a milestone photo shoot to capture the results of my hard work. Even better, I got to do the photo shoot with my sister and brother-in-law, who had also joined KMAK at the same time as me. The photoshoot captured a huge culmination of effort that continues to motivate me to keep doing the basics each day to hit my goals. It’s remarkable what you can achieve in 13 months! I am so proud of my progress—45 pounds lost, 36 inches lost, and all the muscle I gained. I’ve got so much more energy and confidence.

Health Improvements

Not only was my physique transformed, but my lab work also showed remarkable improvements in my health. My doctor acknowledged the unprecedented improvement in my labs and urged me to continue my efforts. My LDL had dropped 36 points, and my cholesterol had dropped 45 points. I had effectively reduced my risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension that are prevalent in my family.

A Model for Prevention

Having worked in public health for the past 15 years, I finally felt that I was the model for prevention that I had always wanted to be. I felt in control of my health and wellness for the first time. I now felt I had the tools to steer my health in the right direction. More than anything, I’ve learned that it’s the small, daily habits that I have cultivated through my coaching with KMAK that have resulted in the life I am so blessed to live.

Inspiring Others

 I hope I inspire my husband and kids to be their healthiest, and I do believe that I have changed the trajectory of my family’s health in a positive direction. I hope I inspire fellow moms to focus on their health and invest in themselves because it is worth it. Not only is it life-changing, but the investment moms put in to better their health will pay dividends to their family, friends, and community. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made to work with KMAK and have a health coach. It impacted me so much that I am planning to become a health coach myself so I can help others transform into their best selves.

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