Prean used to be in good shape when he was younger. He used to go to the gym 3-4 times a week and even play football habitually. However, he had to stop all these routines after being diagnosed with Colitis, a chronic digestive disease that if left untreated, may cause life threatening complications.

Sadly, this current pandemic has also caused several restrictions such as lockdowns and not going out regularly, unlike before. Prean had bad habits that made his health and well-being even worse. He frequently eats massive amounts of snacks and even takes 2-3 desserts as a sweet tooth.

During the lockdown, he had more time with himself, which led him to try different workouts. He also tried to change his diet and reduce his poor habits.

Can you imagine that after trying so hard for almost half a year, he only lost 5-6kgs? Yes, despite overdoing his activities to get back in shape, Prean felt like it was not working for him.

He also experienced a relapse of his condition, which needed medical attention. It was a dark time for him because of these unfortunate experiences despite his efforts.

Prean later realised that he was not training and eating the right way. He lost weight in the wrong places, and it wasn’t what his body needed. Remember, fitness is not just about losing weight in a small amount of time! Real results resonate from within – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

This is when he joined KMAK Fitness. Despite his doubts, Prean later proved that he finally had the right people to work with.

It is truly amazing how Prean experienced weakness and challenges, yet he persisted in making himself better and getting back on track.



When asked about his impression of online coaching, Prean shared that he was sceptical initially, especially that he had not done it before. There were so many questions in his head – How is this going to work? How would the coach understand his life situation and needs? How is he going to focus if he loses track? How is he going to keep his focus if things in his life change?

These endless doubtful questions almost stopped him from pursuing his fitness journey. What did he do? He just did it and took the risk.

He still struggled, but did you know what made him carry on? It is the people and community he worked with. Prean was able to open up his troubles with coach George. He even sent me a very long email stating why he wanted to stop and how things might get crazy if he didn’t.

With our help, We encouraged him to take a step back for himself and taper things off. A consistent reminder that Prean has got this and could always tell them what he needed.

These doubts were not the only matter that hindered him – he was also hesitant at first, especially since the gyms were closed due to the lockdown. However, he still trained from home and managed his time more effectively. He made sure to always get his workouts done when he needed to do them.

You have to be mentally strong to conquer the challenges, push yourself, and believe that you can and will do it.

Indeed, we should do the things we can do today because tomorrow may never come. Delaying things is like refusing to give ourselves the care that it needs. Doubts do not go away. We just learn to conquer them along the way.


After asking numerous times, “How can I get out of this?” Prean saw the little yet gradual and significant changes in his body and well-being.

In 7 long months of persistence and sacrifices, Prean lost 18kgs in 7 months! He has finally proved to himself that he can do it, not just impress others. In his words, “Only you as an individual will understand the hard work, the journey, and the pain you’ve been through.”

Indeed, someone who has not done it would not understand. Yes, they may appreciate your journey, but only those who have undergone the process would truly understand you. Only you will know the story behind your before and after photos.

Prean has finally recalibrated himself and got back on track with his fitness journey. His goals became more focused on mitigating longer-term health issues and reducing their negative impacts. Instead of just repressing his troubles, he also learned to improve holistically, including his mental, emotional, and physical being. This time, it’s not just about losing weight anymore.

He pushed himself always to do better and overcome obstacles through health habits in this journey. He said that one can always take it to the next level, which we should hold on to every day!


If there is one thing that Prean likes to think about whenever he’s tired, it is to trust the process and stick to the plan. There might be times that you go off pace and relapse a little bit, but that’s not the end of the world. It won’t affect you massively compared to all your efforts to achieve where you are now.

One bad meal would not ruin the entirety of your fitness journey. Even a couple of such bad meals would not easily discard your progress.

So if you’re looking for a sign to push through, this is it. Everyone can do it. Maybe not in the same way because each of us has different goals, timeframes, and varying needs in the physical and mental aspects.

Do not look at other people and their results and automatically think that you are the same person. You may want the same thing, but it might be through different ways and different amounts of time.

Trusting the process also entails committing to a plan that suits you and your lifestyle, not just any plan that worked for someone else. Our bodies are all different, and we have to acknowledge what our own body needs and wants to achieve.

Prean always keeps this in mind:
“I have already gotten this far. If I stop pushing now, it will become a habit, and it will be easier to make excuses in the future.”

You did not come this far only to come this far, alright? Keep going!



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