She Can Beat It

Tej Patel kept herself busy with a variety of athletic pursuits while she was attending college. She competed in cricket, shot put, and javelin, some of the events in which she competed. On the other hand, every time she thinks about her old look, she is reminded that it had nothing to do with who she was at the time.  She was having a difficult time reducing her weight because of the food that she was eating, which made her efforts more difficult.

 Even though it was because of the way she looked, she was a target of bullying. She used to spend a lot of time working out at the gym, but all of her hard work was for nothing. She gave a number of different diets a shot, but she was never able to find one that worked for her.

Her Influence and Motivation

Tej is aware that her brother has, throughout their entire relationship, served as a source of motivation. Because he follows a routine that helps him maintain his health and fitness, she reasoned that if it was successful for him, it might also be successful for her. She, too, made an effort to accomplish the same thing, but the outcomes were inconsistent.

But then she realised that perhaps she was doing something wrong. It didn’t matter what exercise she did or when she did it; she just wasn’t motivated to stick with her routine.

Taking Action

“I noticed the discipline you had towards food and nutrition, and I knew that was my downfall. I didn’t understand that properly. I didn’t understand what I should be eating. And I knew you were solid with training as well. If these guys can get discipline with the support of KMAK Fitness, then why couldn’t I do that? “

She was completely unaware of how the training was carried out. She was hearing about the experiences of other people at KMAK Fitness. She witnessed the discipline, particularly with regard to the meal plan. She was well aware that her diet was going to be her undoing. She was confused about the foods that she should be consuming. Because she had been doing the training for a considerable amount of time, she was confident in her ability to complete it.

Why is it that if these other guys can be disciplined with food with the help of KMAK Fitness, then she can not do it herself? She could see the outcome that their efforts were producing. They had lost weight. She desired to proceed in the same manner. That is the reason she decided to enrol in the programme. And there was not a single trace of regret.

She was of the opinion that having faith in one’s trainer was essential. She was aware that coaches went through the same ordeal, and that they had first-hand experience of the process.

She Needed Extra Push

She needed some direction and focus with regard to her diet and nutrition, as well as her training and possibly what she could do differently. She also required some assistance. Even though she eats well on a regular basis and makes an effort to consume a diet rich in protein, the fact that she is a vegetarian means that she often gets bored eating the same protein source. She makes an effort to stay away from foods that are fried! When she was challenged to do so or when there was a goal that she and her partner could work on together, she worked out and made an effort to eat healthily.

The Mental Shift

She experienced a weight loss of 15 kilogrammes prior to enrolling at KMAK Fitness. And she had every right to be pleased with herself. But when she turned around, she saw that she wasn’t. She was completely perplexed by the fact that she was continuing on the same path to fitness.

It was challenging for her to adjust her mindset because she still sees herself as the big girl that she used to be. The place where she believed she was is not the same as the place where she currently is. It took some time for her to process, but the mental shift was finally achieved. She believed that she’d now become a better version of herself.

The New Identity

When she took the photoshoot, she saw herself as a new person. It was the best achievement she had. She looked stronger with the increased muscle mass and the radiating confidence. She felt proud of herself for taking such a bold step towards becoming fit, but at the same time, she knew that it would take more than just dieting and exercising to achieve her fitness goals.

She knew her body was working for her, not against her, and it made her feel like she could do anything. She felt like she could take on any challenge, no matter how difficult it might seem.

She learned that a delayed result would never do good on her fitness journey. So never stop, never delay what you can do now.

Maybe you haven’t seen any changes in your body yet. Maybe your clothes are still fitting the same way they did last week—and maybe they even feel tighter than they did last week.

Maybe you’re not sure how much longer this is going to take—or if it will ever happen at all. And maybe that’s because you’ve got a bad case of procrastination when it comes to fitness: You keep putting off working out until tomorrow or next week or next month or next year… And then, eventually, those “tomorrows” and “next weeks” and “next months” become one big blur of nothingness, and before you know it, there are years gone by without any progress at all!

But here’s the thing: you don’t have to wait until tomorrow or next week or next month or next year before things start getting better! You can start seeing results right now—today! And all it takes is one little change in your mindset.


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