A couple of months after celebrating our 20-year wedding anniversary, Anurag (aka Zeke) and I were enjoying a rare date night out and reflecting on all that we had to be grateful for upon reaching this important milestone. We had our health, our charming daughter (she’s 13), our extended family living nearby, and our new home. We started reminiscing about our time together and what we had managed to accomplish up to this point. We were essentially taking stock of where we were. We had lived and worked abroad (a dream of Zeke’s), travelled extensively, and started our own businesses. We knew we were blessed, but we also knew that there was something more we both wanted but, up until then, had never been able to achieve. In a nutshell, we just didn’t feel physically comfortable with ourselves, and what we presented outwardly didn’t align with how we wanted to feel or wanted to look. We wanted to not just look strong and healthy, but we wanted to embody strength and vitality. Instead, we were tired, run-down, and essentially out of shape.

Zeke and I have always loved working out, especially working out together. It’s what we do to relieve stress and get the endorphins flowing. This appreciation for exercise and physical activity was fostered in our youth. As a child, Zeke was always outside playing basketball, tennis, or football with his friends. It was something he enjoyed doing for hours, whether it was recreationally or in a more structured way in school sports in high school and college. His love for physical activities and all things sports-related inevitably led him to lift weights in the gym. He thrived in the gym environment, gaining motivation from the others around him. I, on the other hand, was not involved in school sports but was physically active from a young age, having learned classical Indian dance for many years. I also loved exercising as a teen, and I can remember popping my mom’s Jane Fonda videos into the VCR and exercising alongside her (if that doesn’t age me, then I don’t know what will!). Working out has always been therapy for me. I eventually found my way into commercial gyms and loved all that they had to offer – group fitness classes, sophisticated gym equipment, and, of course, the motivation that comes with seeing other people working out and being fit.

Over the years, we have both spent countless hours at the gym. I was the person who would pride myself on making it to the gym five days a week. We’ve spent thousands of dollars in the past on personal trainers, and while they were helpful, we saw minimal changes to our physiques. We were mindful of our nutrition and made every attempt to eat healthily—or so we thought. Zeke had tried pretty much every weight management tactic known—intermittent fasting, low carb/high protein diets, etc. While they worked in the short term, they weren’t sustainable for the long haul. He’d eventually give up and go back to binge-eating comfort foods like copious amounts of pasta, chicken parmigiana, and junk food. I, on the other hand, don’t believe in dieting. I need my food! Nevertheless, I would constantly read weight loss articles in magazines or on the Internet, gathering snippets of information to piece together to come up with a nutrition plan of my own. Unlike Zeke, who is 6 feet tall, I am not genetically blessed with my 5-foot frame. I always knew that I would have to be careful about managing my weight so that I could be comfortable in my own body and clothes. Zeke and I knew that whatever we were doing on our own wasn’t working, and it was frustrating. What was lacking for us was a sustainable and holistic approach to achieving the results we desired. We needed the guidance of an experienced coach to get us there.


January 2023 – We had just celebrated Zeke’s 49th birthday. As usual, it was early in the year, and we were coming off yet another holiday season in which we had overindulged to the fullest. This was a pattern in our lives – start off every year strong with newfound fitness goals, only to sabotage them during the holidays. Sound familiar? It was a vicious cycle that had been going on for years, and we had had enough.

The realisation that Zeke would be turning 50 in a year’s time sent him into panic mode. He said to me, “I’m done. I’ve GOT to take control of my health and get into shape by the time I’m 50!” He felt the time was now or never to get on track. He’d also seen family members struggling with a myriad of health issues—high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease—and was determined to do his part to ward off illness the best that he could. He pleaded with me to do some research and find someone or something that could help. I could sense the urgency in his voice, and I knew he was serious.

For me, there was an additional motivating factor. I had recently turned 47, and I was concerned about the effects that menopause, which would come sooner or later, would have on my body. I had heard that implementing change after menopause sets in would be much harder than before it starts, and so I wanted to get ahead of the game.

Unbeknownst to Zeke, I had stumbled upon the KMAK Fitness website a month before and had been silently stalking Kunal. I devoured the content and read as many case studies and watched as many videos as I could. I was completely blown away by the transformations of the KMAK clients. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. So many people had taken charge of their health and were getting into the best shape of their lives, and the best part…they looked like us! Many of the faces looking back at me were South Asian. They WERE us – busy professionals, moms, and dads. That was the defining moment for me, and I knew I needed to be a part of this! Of course, KMAK Fitness can work for anybody of any ethnicity, but seeing the success they had with South Asian clients convinced me that they understood our customs, food, and lifestyles and had tapped into a way of achieving results for us. I was always disheartened by the fact that our community has never been thought of as being particularly strong, fit, or in shape. South Asians are hugely successful in so many areas, yet it seemed that success in the fitness space eluded us…until now.

I told Zeke that I think I’d found someone, and I approached him about KMAK Fitness. Zeke, with his all or nothing mentality had zero hesitation and said, “Let’s do this!” So, we excitedly scheduled our consultation call, not really knowing what to expect. Being the cautious one, I was worried about what elaborate expectations would be placed on us to get the kinds of results we’d seen on the KMAK website. I didn’t want to try yet another workout program only to give up a couple of months later, most likely feeling emotionally and physically defeated, due to seeing little to no results.


What really stood out to me during our call with Kunal was his calm demeanour and the confidence he had in his approach. Before me was a soft-spoken young man who was mature beyond his years. He put forth his expectations of us, what he calls his non-negotiables (nutrition, workouts, steps, and water intake), and I remember thinking how simple it seemed. That’s the beauty of KMAK – it’s very doable for ANYONE, and particularly ideal for those with very busy lives. There is no jumping through hoops. Just tried and tested routine practices backed by science and experience.


We are forever grateful to Kunal for taking us on and for teaching us a new way of thinking and living. Even though Zeke was ready to dive in, he was dealing with shoulder and bicep injuries and wasn’t going to be cleared to do any upper-body workouts for at least another two months. He was concerned about starting with KMAK at the same time as me. Kunal recommended that we embark on this path together so that we could support each other along the way as well as celebrate our victories together. Kunal assured Zeke that he’d be able to get started right away and that he would devise a personalised plan for Zeke to lock down his nutrition first. This targeted approach enabled Zeke to see results early on, even before he started any upper body workouts. Kunal helped redefine our relationship with food by imparting on us the skills to prepare high-quality, balanced meals that we would enjoy while still eating many of the foods we loved.

Very early in the journey, Kunal asked us about doing a photoshoot in the summer of 2023. That was a mere six months away, and I clearly remember wondering, “Is he crazy?!” It took us 40-something years to develop the bodies we had before starting KMAK. There was no way we would be close to having a photoshoot ready in six months’ time. Yet Kunal’s positivity, unwavering support, and steadfast belief in us convinced us that we could do it. I secretly felt that he viewed this target as a challenge, as much for him as it was for us! While Zeke and I had the photoshoot as a goal to work towards, it was the knowledge we acquired along the way about nutrition, exercise, and even ourselves that was the game-changer for us.

My Type A personality made me afraid of making mistakes, and I would get caught up in striving for perfection. Zeke and I would look forward to our weekly check-ins/therapy sessions with Kunal, in which he would remind us that we didn’t have to be perfect, but we just had to ‘do the basics consistently.’ We were concerned about upcoming social events, weddings, and travel. Kunal wanted and expected us to enjoy them all without major restrictions. Nevertheless, he gave us helpful guidelines to follow as best we could so that we wouldn’t throw away the progress we had made.

One of the best aspects of the KMAK approach is that it is NOT about perfection or about forcing a process. Instead, it promotes sustainable habits that can be maintained over time despite the day-to-day stress that life throws at us. It helps integrate fitness and nutrition seamlessly into your life to the point where it eliminates decision fatigue, and you don’t have to overthink. Just trust the process and your coach, and sooner or later, it will become instinctive.


At our photoshoot, we had the pleasure of getting to meet Kunal in person, as well as other members of the KMAK team. I remember thinking about how kind and soft-spoken each of them was. They all helped to make Zeke and I shine and look like stars for the day. Their friendship and camaraderie were enviable, and it was evident to me how well they worked together. They all share a common goal – to deliver sustainable results to their clients in a safe, positive, healthy, and uplifting way. Post-shoot, we have gotten to know some of them a bit more, and they have all made themselves available to us for advice, recipe suggestions, and to answer ANY questions that we may have along the way.

Throughout this journey, we have connected with so many other ‘KMAKers.” It’s truly amazing getting to know other like-minded people who support each other within a judgement-free zone. We’re all cheering each other on getting stronger, healthier, happier, and more confident. This is what it means to be a part of the KMAK community.


“Just Remember 5 Years Ago, You Dreamed About Where You Are Now.” A couple of months after starting with KMAK, I saw this quote online. The first thought that came to mind was Kunal and KMAK Fitness. I felt like I had manifested KMAK into our lives. Zeke and I had found a programme that was sustainable for us within our hectic lives, and the results were beginning to show. Friends and family had begun to see changes not only in our outward appearance but also in the amount of energy we had. They would ask what ‘diet’ we were following or what fitness programme we were on, and because our excitement was palpable, they too wanted to feel as energised and confident as we did. Zeke and I are always happy to share information about KMAK Fitness, but we are also quick to inform anyone who asks that this is NOT a diet, but a lifestyle, and it most certainly has been life-changing for us. Beyond the transformative physical changes, it was the mental changes that were truly profound. Through KMAK’s comprehensive approach, we became empowered with the knowledge and skills to take charge of our health, which in turn would enable us to take better care of our family. We want to lead by example. We hope that by prioritising proper nutrition and fitness, we can lay the foundation for our daughter to do the same as she gets older.

Many of our friends and family members who have decided to get started on their own fitness journey with KMAK are around our age, i.e., ‘pushing fifty.’ Zeke and I have front-row seats to witness their victories along the way, and we are so excited to see their lives and their physiques transform. By Zeke and I sharing our experience with KMAK, it’s our own little way of paying it forward to our community by helping them get into the best shape of their lives.


February 2024 marks Zeke’s and my one year with KMAK Fitness. We don’t use the term life changing casually, but the programme really has changed our lives. We train more effectively and eat more intentionally. More importantly, we have more energy than we did a decade ago. We feel more confident in our bodies, both inside and out, and we feel better than we ever have. Zeke and I hope to never fall back into the old habits we had prior to joining KMAK. Instead, we intend to take the knowledge Kunal and his team have given us and continue our journey towards better health for the rest of our lives. While our journey this past year hasn’t been easy…discipline, dedication, and determination have made it very doable. It must be said again that we are beyond thankful to Kunal for his support, guidance, and wisdom along the way.

The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself. To anyone who wants to embark on their own journey to better health and longevity, we would 100% recommend KMAK Fitness to help them achieve their goals. Zeke and I cannot wait to see what the next stage of our lives will bring, and we are determined to get stronger and healthier along the way!

The CliffsNotes by Zeke for people with ADHD (like me)

  • Don’t think, just do. Have faith in the process and it will work.
  • Perfect is the enemy of Good. As long as you’re good most of the time,
    KMAK will work for you.
  • Just stick to the non-negotiables and it makes a huge difference.
    • Drink the water you’re supposed to drink per day.
    • Reach your daily average for steps on a weekly basis.
    • Make sure not to surpass your macro-limits (proteins, fats, carbs).
    • Get adequate sleep –7 hours minimum.
    • Do all the above and you will see changes you like.
  • Accountability – your output is your input. If you’re half-ass about it and not accountable to your Coach, much less to yourself, then KMAK is not for you.
  • Set milestones (weddings, photoshoots, social events, etc.) every few months. It really helps keep you honest and motivated.
  • Falling off the wagon is ok, just make sure you get back on. Your ability to bounce back gets easier as you become more vested in KMAK and yourself as you see results.
  • Enjoy the changes you will see not just physically (which is awesome in and of itself), but in other aspects of your life.
  • Stop making excuses – and just get started on your journey! You’re not too old, too overweight, too busy, etc. – you’re just not committed enough to make a change – so, once you are, call KMAK (I can speak from experience on this one). Kunal, his team, and the larger KMAK community are awesome – so give them a call.


Or contact us @ info@kmakfitness.com


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