Surpassing His Expectations

It’s not too much to ask for a husband and father to lead a busy life while working on self-improvement and adopting a healthy lifestyle. This may seem simple, but it carries a lot of meaning. Over the course of 12 months, he achieved something truly remarkable in his journey to lose fat. With the help of an amazing coach and the support of his loved ones, he exceeded his own expectations. For him, staying physically fit and taking care of his well-being are essential for overcoming life’s challenges and performing at his best.

Struggles with Overeating

He experienced a rapid increase in weight, which posed a threat to both his physical and mental well-being. He faced difficulties with his body image due to the numerous responsibilities and challenges he had in his life. As a result, he found himself overeating and giving in to temptations like alcohol and desserts, without really thinking about how it would affect his overall lifestyle and well-being in the long run. 

The pandemic has caused a significant rise in stress, worry, and fear. During the lockdown, he developed a strong craving for desserts from his beloved local dessert parlour and started ordering them through fast food apps nearly every day.  

He put on a lot of weight and reached his highest weight at 90 kgs, standing at 5’9″ and being 34 years old. He didn’t like wearing t-shirts and would often opt for a jacket instead. He didn’t like the way his body looked and it made him feel self-conscious. He felt weighed down because he had too much body fat.

His wife convinced him to confront the truth and cut back on indulging in desserts. She playfully teased him about his “dad bod.” The pain he felt served as a catalyst, pushing him to confront the truth and take action, which he had previously been hesitant to do. He began because he thought, if not now, then when?

Finding KMAK Fitness

He discovered KMAK’s Instagram and instantly became curious. He witnessed others who were similar to him accomplish incredible physical fitness. As soon as he felt it’s the right place for him, he wasted no time in getting in touch. Right from the beginning, his coach was completely honest and didn’t hold back.

He had to let go of his preconceived notions about nutrition and gym training. In order to embrace a new approach and incorporate it into his life, he required a willingness to be receptive and open-minded. The programme was customised as a perfect fit for his lifestyle.

His life was quickly transformed by the journey. He developed a more positive perspective on life and a strong physique that he takes pride in. He was able to lose 30 kgs in just one year thanks to his commitment to being honest with himself.

Building Trust

He started to have doubts about his ability to truly achieve a transformation. Will the results be average, or will he persevere until the end? Luckily, his coach played a vital part by investing time to truly comprehend him and what drove him. The coach made him feel better by pointing out what he needed to work on. 

During this journey, he discovered a lot about himself, going through personal growth and gaining a sense of wisdom. He was able to cultivate discipline, patience, and commitment, which greatly enhanced his mental strength. He had to quickly develop this skill in order to keep up with his progress.

He found himself gaining a fresh perspective that helped him see things more clearly, especially during those tough and unfamiliar moments of dieting. 

Regular engagement with his coach and having weekly check-ins became a crucial aspect of his journey. He established a strong rapport with his coach in a short amount of time, which enabled them to provide specific feedback and pinpoint areas that needed improvement. 

Every week, KMAK Fitness diligently recorded his progress, providing detailed averages of weight loss or gain to ensure the highest level of accuracy. As he continued on his journey, he could feel a growing sense of consistency and momentum. He suddenly came to the realisation that he was actually gaining a deep understanding of something. It went beyond simply looking at the science of calories consumed versus calories burned. He realised how crucial it is to keep track of, monitor, and take responsibility for the food he chooses to eat.

The Discipline

He mindlessly indulged in high-calorie and sugary foods, resulting in lasting harm. He came to the realisation that he had been depending on other people to provide him with food, often resorting to takeaway meals and indulging in multiple helpings of his mother-in-law’s cooking. He found it difficult to resist having another roti.

In the past, he used to believe that saying “okay, no harm done” was actually harmful. He felt that others didn’t really understand his journey of losing weight. He didn’t feel the need to justify himself by sharing a lifestyle he hadn’t fully embraced. He was in the process of learning. He acknowledged that what he knew before was wrong, but his coach helped him learn the correct techniques. He found that sharing his meal prep with his coach was beneficial in improving his performance.

He went to the gym three times a week and did surprisingly well. Despite his busy schedule, he exercised and ignored the voice in his head telling him to skip. This sustainable goal was enough to build muscle, lose weight, and get stronger. After six months, he had developed the discipline to give his all in every workout, even when it was hard. It is admirable to see someone being respected for their commitment to showing up, regardless of the circumstances.

Mentality vs. Reality: Managing His Own Expectations

His mind had to be stronger than his daily challenges. He admitted that this journey was extremely difficult. Changing diets took time and dedication. Managing his expectations and attitude were crucial. Dieting and training while juggling work and family was the hardest part. He admitted to contemplating quitting. His coach reminded him that this journey was never meant to be easy, and if it were, everyone would do it. 

He overcame obstacles by thinking like an athlete. He had strong cravings and occasionally broke his diet for small treats. He learned to forgive himself and see those mistakes as opportunities for growth. He knew this journey would have bumps, but his coach helped him stay on track. He needed to be honest with his coach, Saj, about his stress and obstacles to success. Saj’s fresh perspective on nutrition and training helped him overcome obstacles and reach his goals.

He trusted and was patient as he ate better and tracked his food intake. His energy, sleep, and clothes fit better. Family and friends complimented the fat loss. He sharpened and focused his concentration. Life’s challenges became easier, and his happiness and anxiety improved. He learned to cook faster and enjoy it. He learned to say no to certain foods and navigate social situations from a different food perspective. He ingrained these habits through practise.

A Rewarding Journey

He kept a promise to himself for 12 months and managed to lose 30 kgs, reaching a final weight of 58.7 kgs. He experienced the lightest weight he had ever been at and developed defined abs. Making it to the other side, he realised that the grass was certainly greener. Although it all seems like a blur, reflecting on his journey as he writes this, he recognises that he overcame one of his life ambitions: to get in shape at 35 years old and become an optimal version of himself. As a reward, he booked a photo shoot, which turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of his life.

He hopes that his journey will leave a meaningful impact on the readers. He wants to emphasise that this is not about trying to prove yourself to others. Instead, it’s about discovering your own potential and becoming the best version of yourself.


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