During my teenage years, I grappled with being on the heavier side, often indulging in snacks without restraint. My self-control was lacking, and I felt the weight of comparisons to my slender, younger sister. 


I would constantly be asking my sister “Which photo do I look more slim in?” to put up on Instagram. My lack of confidence when out with friends underscored the discomfort I felt in my own skin.

A poignant memory etched in my mind is standing in a Debenhams changing room at the age of 13, struggling to fit into size 14  jeans. 

I made attempts at eating healthily through calorie counting, only to end up binge-eating after a few days of ‘eating well’. At that time, I thought low-calorie products equated to healthy choices, with no understanding of macronutrients. My lack of accountability was also a significant hindrance to my progress.


A pivotal moment in my journey occurred in 2022 following a break down in a relationship that made me question my appearance. This experience reinforced the deep-seated insecurities I had carried since my youth.  I sought comfort in eating, plunging further into insecurity until a particular photograph taken in Venice served as a wake-up call, motivating me to take action.

KMAK Fitness

I had been aware of KMAK Fitness for years, as my family had achieved amazing results through their programs. My sister and brother-in-law had experienced transformations leading up to their wedding, and they had been urging me to join for months. In June 2022 I made the decision to contact KMAK Fitness. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

Prior to my initial conversation with Kunal, I had some reservations, uncertain of what to expect. Despite my family’s positive experiences with KMAK Fitness, I understood that each journey is unique. During my induction call with Kunal, he asked about what I’d hope to achieve,I felt foolish expressing them, because they seemed so unattainable. However, KMAK Fitness surprised me by not only transforming my life but also reshaping my perspective of it.

My Coach

I was fortunate to have Saj as my coach, someone I was familiar with due to his coaching of my family members. Saj played a pivotal role in helping me. His unwavering support served as a constant, throughout both good and bad days.

What set KMAK Fitness apart for me was its holistic approach. Unlike common misconceptions associated with fitness regimens, KMAK Fitness allowed me to enjoy my favourite foods daily. This unique aspect made it sustainable for me. Through this journey, I discovered a newfound passion for cooking and exploring recipes that aligned with my nutritional goals. This transformation enabled me to make healthier choices not only for myself but also for my family. 


I once avoided solo walks but now love spending time with myself on long walks.  Catch-ups with friends have now been replaced  from sitting on the couch eating sugary snacks to grabbing a coffee and going for long walks. Another big change was hesitation to go to the gym alone, to now feeling a sense of guilt if I miss a session. It’s become a part of my lifestyle. 

Attending my first KMAK Fitness event was a nerve-wracking experience but, the warmth I received from the KMAK Fitness community was overwhelming. I formed friendships and found incredible support. Now, I eagerly await the next event! 


Finally, achieving my goal of a photoshoot, which had always been my end goal, marked a significant milestone. While most personal trainers I had encountered in the past aimed for a target weight of 58kg, Saj challenged me to reach 51kg. I initially considered this goal out of reach, but Saj remained committed to helping me achieve it. On the day of the shoot, I was ecstatic to have reached 51.3kg, the whole experience was incredible, with Saj and Kunal there to support me. 

Reflecting on my journey, I realised I have the strength to achieve anything I set my mind to. Saj and Kunal had delivered on their promise, and I can now, proudly, say I completed my goal of becoming a size 8.


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