Looking Back on His Struggles

Tushar Batia grew up skinny. He was not feeling the confidence he was supposed to have because he could not see his physique well enough to have his shirt off. In college, he managed to put some muscles on, but it was not the look he wanted—it was something like an awkward teenager trying to make his way through puberty for the first time, and even though it was better than being skinny, it still wasn’t good enough.

His solution? The gym! He thought that if he worked out hard enough, then surely, he would start gaining muscle mass and make all of his dreams come true. But time after time of working out regularly and seeing no results, he started to question whether or not this would actually work for him or if this was just another one of those things that people say will work but don’t actually work when you try them out for yourself.

He always dreamed of entering his 20s in the best shape of his life, but no matter how hard he tried or how much time he spent in the gym, nothing seemed to work. It felt like everyone else had figured out the secret to looking great while getting into shape, while all his efforts just led to frustration and disappointment.

His Ultimate Goal

When it comes to his physical fitness, Tushar has the goal of achieving the lowest percentage of body fat that is possible while maintaining the highest amount of muscle mass that is possible. This is the objective he has. He was interested in learning how he could achieve the body that he had always envisioned for himself while at the same time augmenting the amount of muscle that was already present in his frame. In terms of how he appeared to others, he aimed to achieve a state in which he was at ease and exuded confidence. He has made the decision to put in the effort necessary to achieve the objective of leading a life that is not only happier but also healthier than the one he is living at the moment.

What Held Him Back

He never really knew what he was doing in terms of his workouts or his diet. He had doubts about the food that he was consuming at the time. Even though he trained consistently in the gym, he did not see any improvement in his results. It seemed to him that he had reached a point of stagnation.

It was clear that his previous experiences with other programmes contributed to his reluctance to sign up for the KMAK Fitness programme. He had the impression that it was going to be just another online coach who was going to provide him with a standard strategy. His mind was racing with a tonne of different questions at the moment. How could they possibly be familiar with my routines? How exactly are they going to tailor a workout routine to fit my needs and preferences? Will they comprehend that I follow the Swaminarayan diet and that I am a vegetarian? Would this work? Doubts have been lingering in his mind.

How He Managed to Made Something for Himself

It’s hard for him to believe that the hardest part of doing anything is taking that first step. It’s also easy to think that after you take that first step, all of the other steps will be easier. We have to remember that each step we take is a new challenge and a new opportunity to make things go wrong or right.


As humans, we are naturally resistant to change. We like what we know and what is familiar to us. But when you’re trying something new, it’s important to remember that no matter how much you may want something or how much work you put into it, it won’t happen overnight. You’ll have good days and bad days—and those bad days will probably be more frequent than good ones at first!


For him, he stuck with it long enough. Eventually, his good days outnumbered his bad days, and before long, he got himself a success story! 

Self Accountability is Key

If you want something, you have to keep yourself aligned. That’s the key to success.

The coaches can guide you, but you need to do your part. You are your own keeper and no one else. If you want something, you have to keep yourself aligned, and each goal or metric that is set up should serve as a mini challenge each week. It’s the small, consistent wins that build the bigger picture.

So what does he understand by “keeping yourself aligned”? It’s about making sure that every decision he makes aligns with his goals and helps move them forward—not just for today, but for tomorrow and next year too.

It’s Okay to be Human

It’s okay to be human. It’s not going to be perfect every week. Learn to roll with the punches.

There are going to be times when things don’t go your way—and that’s okay! The key is how you handle those moments when things don’t go your way. Do you crumble? Or do you get back up and keep going? Do you just give up? Or do you try again?

There will always be bumps in the road—that’s life! And he understood that concept. But what matters most is how he handles them when they happen. He can either let them stop him in his tracks or use them as an opportunity for growth. And he went for the latter.

Joining KMAK Fitness as an Investment

Tushar Batia would always advise anyone to do it. The best thing he did for himself was invest in his health and well-being. He has learned so much about his process. He pushed himself to do things he would’ve doubted he could do before. He felt amazing, confident, and just overall happy.

He’s not a health professional or anything, but he knows what works for him. He can tell you that when you start taking care of your body, you start seeing results.

When you invest in your health, you’ll see it trickle into other aspects of your life.

You feel more energetic and vibrant, and this gives you the strength to do more things—including being able to go to the gym. You have more energy for work, which means you can get more done in less time. You feel better about yourself and are more confident in everything that you do.

When you’re healthier, life seems easier. And when life seems easier, it’s easier to take care of yourself. It’s a cycle that feeds itself!


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