Identifying Her Why

Swetha is particularly concerned with reducing her arm and stomach fat. She hopes to increase her energy and physical fitness so that she can better take part in all the activities she enjoys, such as going hiking on vacation, playing with her toddler, and working a full-time job.

She’d like to find a long-term solution that will allow her to lose weight and keep it off. She hopes that with more routine and structure, she will be able to keep it up on her own. She has a baby, a dog, and a cat, and she works full-time; this is crucial because she sometimes has to travel within Europe for her job. She and her husband are having trouble keeping up with everything because they aren’t getting enough rest.

Impacting A Family

She’ll have more time to take her dog for walks, spend quality time with her kid on weeknights and weekends, and still make time for herself thanks to the established routine. She hopes to one day be able to enjoy life instead of merely surviving from job to job.

She just wants to be happy and secure with who she is. She hopes that if she loses weight, it will boost her self-esteem, energy, mental health, and happiness.

Post Pregnancy Journey

After having a baby, she found it challenging to prioritise her health and fitness while juggling the demands of being a new mom. She experienced body changes and felt like she had lost control of her physical wellbeing. However, she was determined to make a change and embarked on a post-pregnancy weight loss journey that was both realistic and sustainable.

Busy And Demanding Work Role With Travels

Being a working mom with a full-time job that required frequent travel made it difficult for her to establish a consistent exercise routine and healthy eating habits. She often felt exhausted and stressed, leading to poor choices in terms of diet and lack of motivation to exercise. Despite these challenges, she was committed to finding a way to prioritise her health and fitness amidst her busy schedule.

Self-Discovery And Confidence

Along the way, her weight loss journey became more than just about losing weight. It was an opportunity for self-discovery and finding confidence within herself. She learned to love and appreciate her body, and felt empowered by the changes she was making. As a result, she was able to exude that confidence outwardly, both in her personal life and within her work.

Training Solely From Home With Dumbbells

 As a busy mom with a demanding job, finding time to go to the gym was a challenge. She turned to training solely from home with dumbbells, which allowed her to fit in a workout at any time that was convenient for her. This approach was effective and efficient, saving her time and money in the long run.

Managed Travel To India As Well As Family Visiting Home

Despite the obstacles presented by travel and visitors, she remained committed to her weight loss journey. She was able to find ways to maintain her healthy habits while on the road, such as packing healthy snacks and prioritising movement in her itinerary. Additionally, she shared her goals and motivations with her family and friends, who were supportive and understanding of her journey.

She Cared About Her Fitness Beyond Just Her Weight Dropping

Throughout her journey, she used a fitness tracker and the health app on her phone to monitor her progress. One metric she particularly loved tracking was her VO2 fitness, which reflected her cardio-vascular fitness. Seeing her progress as it improved over time and took her from “below average” to “above average” was highly motivating. It helped her stay on track towards her goals. And she will continue to push herself to get to the higher end of the above-average metric. This metric excited her as she felt it had long-term benefits for how she could lead a healthy, fit, and active lifestyle with her very fulfilling family.


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